GUADEC 2012, A Coruña,Spain. 26th July - 1st August

A coffee with... Cosimo Cecchi, Italian GNOME lover and musicien

Cosimo CecchiCosimo Cecchi describes himself as an Italian GNOME lover and hacker. Also he loves music "I often play bass when I have some spare time”.

He works for the Red Hat desktop team: "I am the author of Documents, and I maintain Nautilus among other things, Cosimo explains, "and Woman Outreach interns are working with me on Documents".

Yesterday morning, he talked in GUADEC about "Documents, a new generation GNOME app to view and manage your documents both locally and on cloud services".

Many of new features are receiving a lot of attention in GNOME recently (IM framework integration, initial setup, new lock screen), and he thinks "this will be a great opportunity to wrap these things up and getting them in a great shape for the release".

He has arrived to Coruña last Monday, cause he attends "Summer of Code" where met GNOME old friend "it's one of things I like of GUADEC2012". He also loves travelling and good food, like every other Italian, so we hope you enjoy your spare time in Galicia.

Social Program for Saturday's Evening

21:30. Volunteer & Hobbyst Event: Spanish wine and "tapas" at Rectorado-Cafetería.

Time: 22:00 - 00:00 H.

rectorado buildingRectorado-Cafetería  is located in the "Maestranza Gardens", in front of the Coruña's Promenade, near the "Old City". It's an historical place with spectacular views of Coruña's Bay and, of course, lots of pubs nearly for drinking and dancing the saturday night. You can go walking there or taking an urban bus (lines: 3, 3-A, 5, 7, 17).

21:30. Networking Cocktail for Professionals at “Augamar Restaurant"

Time: 22:00 - 00:00 H.

Augamar RestaurantGNOME Foundation would like to thank the professionals attendees inviting them to the Networking Event in the "Augamar restaurant", located in the Marina Coruña sport harbour, near the castle of Saint Antón, in the "old city". You can go walking there or taking an urban bus (lines: 3, 3-A, 5, 7, 17).

We hope you enjoy your GUADEC day and night!

Guadec second photos


Adam Dingle and Jim Nelson talking about "Crowdfunding GNOME Application Development".

Interview with John "J5" Palmieri, GNOME developer and cook

John PalmieriEverybody in GNOME knows John Palmieri as J5. He is one of the authors of D-Bus, the Sugar OS for OLPC and PyGObject Introspection "These days I have shifted focus from working on the desktop to working on web applications with Red Hat's Openshift Platform as a Service (PaaS) project".

Tomorrow, J5 will talk in GUADEC about making it easy for GNOME developers to hack on GNOME web applications using OpenShift: "I will show how easy it is to port GNOME's extension website so a developer can hack on it under OpenShift and also show off Glitter Gallery, a design tool that is being developed to make it easy for GNOME designers to collaborate over the web".

Join the GNOME Olympic Games (saturday 28th)

Do you remember this? Tomorrow, saturday 28th of July, from 18.00 p.m. to 20.00 p.m, we are celebrating the "A Coruña GNOME Olympic Games".

As you well know, they will take place just across the street of the venue (literally, 50 meters from it). Luckily this year's venue has additional sports facilities like futsal, volleyball and basketball fields. You can Join the challenge here: Either to play or watch, or cheer, everyone is invited! 

What's GUADEC today?

Saturday 28 July 2012

Joaquim Rocha: "the most amazing thing in Coruña are tapas places and bars"

Joaquim RochaJoaquim Rocha is Software developer from Portugal and the creator of several Free Software projects. He moved to Coruña, 3.5 years ago, to work for Igalia "on very cool things". He had attended all GUADECs since 2009 and he thinks this one will be another very interesting conference with great talks to attend and great hackers to talk to "Coruña is a nice city and I hope GUADEC's attendants from outside will enjoy it".

Juan Pablo Ugarte, GUADEC's football player: "I usually practice karate and run marathons"

Juan Pablo UgarteJuan Pablo Ugarte defines himself as "a computer kind of guy, open source advocate and pragmatic, who wouldn't exchange a beer with friends for a screen". In his spare time he practices karate and do some running. In fact "I had participated in a few 10k marathons lately" (awesome!).

Sunset in the "Casa de los Peces". GUADEC 2012 Welcome Cocktail.

sunset in Coruña

Sunset in the "Casa de los Peces". Funny photo of the Local Team GUADEC 2012.

Join us in


"Any security bug is an anonimity bug".

Jacob AppelbaumJacob Appelbaum is a renowned, independent internet security professional, accomplished photographer, software hacker and world traveller. This morning Appelbaum shows us how Tor network activity reflects world events: Egypt, Kazakhstan, Syria.

Talking about the Tor Proyect, he proposed joint work and funding to get OTR into Empathy, improvements to NetworkManager. Soon you can see his entirely conference in this same site. GUADEC Video-team is working on it!


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