GUADEC 2012, A Coruña,Spain. 26th July - 1st August

Christian, Husband and Hacker. This is Michael Meeks.

Michael Meeks describes himself as "Christian, Husband and Hacker". He have enjoyed hacking on and with GNOME for many years from before 1.0. Now, he mostly works on LibreOffice and, in his spare time, he likes working on making 3D plastic printers ( better.

Michael Meeks attended GUADEC in order to explain everybody about LibreOffice: the latest & greatest feature improvements, our better GNOME integration, the new 3.6.0 release - which hopefully happens during the conference, and lots of exciting new things currently going down the feature sausage machine

"We should have a demo or two, perhaps I can sneak in some Android and gtk/broadway pieces, who knows ? As it's not really written yet, you can grab me beforehand if you want something featured".

Gil Forcada: "I'm a hippie-wanabe FOSS and community-driven"

gil forcadaGil Forcada is a 27 years old Catalan hippie-wanabe FOSS and community-driven believer. Apart from trying to be helpful in GNOME, in his spare time he also helps on, a non-stopping free network.

He cames to GUADEC 2012 to talk us about "making it easier for translators to do its job" (it sounds really well). Actually, translating GNOME from scratch, or keeping up with development from release to release, can be a daunting job if you (pun intended) do not have translating GNOME as a job:

"the easy and more friendly we make translating GNOME to different languages, the more people we will able to tell to configure GNOME in its own language".

He has been volunteer in GUADECs, with his wife Silvia, since 2006. He loves attending GUADEC because, as he told us, "GUADEC is that time in the year where you see GNOME in its full glory, just seeing the energy and passion everyone puts in making everything leaves you the feeling to try to make as much as you can to stay up to it!"

From GUADEC 2012 Gil Forcada expects "having lots of fun, seeing old, and making new, friends and hopefully seeing Bastien loose again at football!". Thanks Gil, for your help in this GUADEC as a volunteer too!

A brief interview with David Mason

David MasonEverybody knows that David Mason is the Product Manager for the Web Platform at Mozilla. What you may didn't know is that he is a musician and "an obsessed supporter over the current Champions of Europe, Chelsea FC"

He describes himself as "an old Gnomie and a former Red Hat Labs guy". Today's he has been helping out Federico Mena and Jonathan Blandford in a talk about the History of GNOME.

Before his Keynote, he told us that, in this GUADEC 2012, he "hopes to reconnect with old friends, meet new people, and get up-to-date on whats coming for GNOME".
Thanks David for you time and your interesting presentation. It was really funny!

GUADEC Hispana starts tomorrow

GNOME Hispano organizes the IX GUADEC Hispana next 2 days co-hosted in GUADEC


GUADEC 2012 Press Release: sunday's Closing Session

Federico Mena, Jonathan Blandford and Dave Mason taught the final keynote of the 13th GUADEC 2012

  • GUADEC CORE will close this afternoon at 7.30 with the Closing Session and the Group Photo.
  • Many important technology companies have showed to the GNOME community the technological advances in mobile devices, GPS, and ebooks, among other advances.
  • The Galician free software group GPUL and GNOME Hispano organized in Coruña the 2012 edition of the most important annual event of the GNOME community.


Guadec third photos


Yesterday night was long and funny for our guys!

More photos in

Playing bass with Alejandro Piñeiro

Alejandro PiñeiroAlejandro Piñeiro Iglesias, also known as API, was born in Vigo although, fortunately, he is now living in A Coruña. His first GUADEC was Birmingham 2007, and he hasn't missed any other GUADEC since then.

Tomorrow morning, he will talk about the status of accessibility on GNOME. He will talk a bit about the past, something about the present, and also a little about the future. He has been involved on Free Software since 2004, most of the time related to GNOME, and during the last year mostly specialized in accessibility.

In GUADEC 2012 he expects to attend a lot of interesting talks "so I could know what is new and what's happening around GNOME". Furthermore, he would like to enjoy some face-to-face meetings and BoFs with people whom he usually chats with on IRC, like those in the release and accessibility teams.

As you can see in his photo, he loves playing bass guitar, and he plays quite well!

Interview with Zeeshan Ali

Zeeshan Ali Zeeshan Ali works at Red Hat and lives in Helsinki, Finland. He entryes to GNOME through GStreamer project. For many years he was involved in development of UPnP/DNLA solutions (GUPnP and Rygel projects) for GNOME and Nokia devices.

Since last year he has been working on a virtualization and remote desktop solution for GNOME called Boxes project. In his talk, he has described "how and why the project was created, showing-off the existing features, technologies behind the scene and  disclosing the future plans". In his spare time, he loves playing with his cat or video games on playstation 3.

What's GUADEC today?

Sunday 29 July 2012

Philip Withnall: "I'm the hacker in an Iron Maiden t-shirt"

Philip WithnallPhilip Withnall is the computer science student in an Iron Maiden t-shirt. He works on libfolks & libgdata and, in GUADEC 2012, he's giving two talks: one on Bendy Bus and the second on libfolks: “the first is about a new tool I've written to help test D-Bus systems. The second is about the current state of our meta-contacts library, libfolks, and what's coming next”

He's expecting from GUADEC 2012 to get ideas for what to work on next, discuss about tool development, and catch up with all his GNOME friends.

Apart from GNOME, he loves heavy metal, drinking ale, and walking up hills, “though there aren't many near Cambridge”. Thanks Phillip for your time! If you have a bit of free time we recommended yo to go up to “San Pedro Wood”, the best panoramic of A Coruña!


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