GUADEC 2012, A Coruña,Spain. 26th July - 1st August

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Federico Mena, Hacker and "Carpenter"

Federico MenaFederico Mena is one of the founders of Gnome. He lives in Xalapa (Mexico), a coffee-growing region with a colorful local culture, where he likes "doing traditional woodworking with hand tools and grows little vegetable garden". 

In GUADEC 2012 he taugh, with Jonathan Blandford and Dave Mason, the fourth keynote of the 13th GUADEC. Furthermore, he had two talks in GUADEC Core, dealing about "Desktop systems based on Gnome technologies" and "Gnome and The Systems of Free Infrastructure".

He explained us that "many of us live in various systems simultaneously, the mainstream/capitalist/ commercial system, the free software ecosystem and various "activist" systems. Actually, I talked about a way of thinking about play pokies online these systems in general, and how Gnome could tie several systems together to focus on things which are made by people for themselves".
What he likes most about GUADECs is talking to interesting people and seeing old friends: "Especially talking to the people who are doing things similar to what I'm speaking in mytalk.  Also, enjoying Galician cuisine!".

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