GUADEC 2012, A Coruña,Spain. 26th July - 1st August

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The story of Belén Barros & Michael Wood in GUADEC 2012

Michael WoodMichael Wood  has been a long time lurker in the GNOME community, since about 2005. He works at Intel's Open Source Technology center in London. In his free time, he likes cycling touring, playing piano and guitar and running Quaker youth events.

Belén Barros is an interaction designer and total newbie to the Gnome community. She loves being outside in the mountains or at sea "as far away from computers as possible" she says, and, actually, this is her first Guadec. She expects from GUADEC 2012 "to get to know the Gnome community".

Together, Wood and Ramos had a talk in GUADEC 2012 about "How to turn any Linux computer running Gnome into a portable usability testing lab".

Belén explained us a bit more about this: "earlier this year, while organising usability testing for a piece of open source software, I bumped into a problem. Our talk is the story of how Michael is fixing that problem".

Michael: I'm going to breifly explain and introduce a tool we're creating to help facilitate and capture usability testing sessions. With a breif look at some of the technical challenges in doing this. 

Thanks Belén and Michael. It was nice to meet you in Coruña!

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