GUADEC 2012, A Coruña,Spain. 26th July - 1st August

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Christian, Husband and Hacker. This is Michael Meeks.

Michael Meeks describes himself as "Christian, Husband and Hacker". He have enjoyed hacking on and with GNOME for many years from before 1.0. Now, he mostly works on LibreOffice and, in his spare time, he likes working on making 3D plastic printers ( better.

Michael Meeks attended GUADEC in order to explain everybody about LibreOffice: the latest & greatest feature improvements, our better GNOME integration, the new 3.6.0 release - which hopefully happens during the conference, and lots of exciting new things currently going down the feature sausage machine

"We should have a demo or two, perhaps I can sneak in some Android and gtk/broadway pieces, who knows ? As it's not really written yet, you can grab me beforehand if you want something featured".

In GUADEC 2012, Michael Meeks expects to meet lots of old friends, spend time with them, and meet interesting new people and also, importantly, to catch up with all the latest, most exciting things that are going on inside GNOME: "I'd also love to try to persuade people to work on applications instead of infrastructure, and to spread the beautiful user-experience, polish and goodness further up the stack".

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