GUADEC 2012, A Coruña,Spain. 26th July - 1st August

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Gil Forcada: "I'm a hippie-wanabe FOSS and community-driven"

gil forcadaGil Forcada is a 27 years old Catalan hippie-wanabe FOSS and community-driven believer. Apart from trying to be helpful in GNOME, in his spare time he also helps on, a non-stopping free network.

He cames to GUADEC 2012 to talk us about "making it easier for translators to do its job" (it sounds really well). Actually, translating GNOME from scratch, or keeping up with development from release to release, can be a daunting job if you (pun intended) do not have translating GNOME as a job:

"the easy and more friendly we make translating GNOME to different languages, the more people we will able to tell to configure GNOME in its own language".

He has been volunteer in GUADECs, with his wife Silvia, since 2006. He loves attending GUADEC because, as he told us, "GUADEC is that time in the year where you see GNOME in its full glory, just seeing the energy and passion everyone puts in making everything leaves you the feeling to try to make as much as you can to stay up to it!"

From GUADEC 2012 Gil Forcada expects "having lots of fun, seeing old, and making new, friends and hopefully seeing Bastien loose again at football!". Thanks Gil, for your help in this GUADEC as a volunteer too!

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