GUADEC 2012, A Coruña,Spain. 26th July - 1st August

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Playing bass with Alejandro Piñeiro

Alejandro PiñeiroAlejandro Piñeiro Iglesias, also known as API, was born in Vigo although, fortunately, he is now living in A Coruña. His first GUADEC was Birmingham 2007, and he hasn't missed any other GUADEC since then.

Tomorrow morning, he will talk about the status of accessibility on GNOME. He will talk a bit about the past, something about the present, and also a little about the future. He has been involved on Free Software since 2004, most of the time related to GNOME, and during the last year mostly specialized in accessibility.

In GUADEC 2012 he expects to attend a lot of interesting talks "so I could know what is new and what's happening around GNOME". Furthermore, he would like to enjoy some face-to-face meetings and BoFs with people whom he usually chats with on IRC, like those in the release and accessibility teams.

As you can see in his photo, he loves playing bass guitar, and he plays quite well!

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