GUADEC 2012, A Coruña,Spain. 26th July - 1st August

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What's GUADEC today?

Sunday 29 July 2012

10.00 Contributions



Room 3.0

Room 3.2


PIÑEIRO IGLESIAS, Alejandro (Igalia). GNOME 3 accessibility: State of the Union.

MULLER, Tim (Collabora). What's new in GStreamer.

10:00. BARROS PENA, Belen (Open Invention Network).

How to turn any Linux computer running Gnome into a portable usability testing lab. .


ROCHA, Joaquim (Igalia).

Skeltrack: A Free Software library for skeleton tracking.

FORTIN TAM, Jean-François (Collabora).

PiTiVi and the GStreamer Editing Services: state of the onion.

10:45. ERIAS MORANDEIRA, Felipe (Igalia).

Sketching interactions




MEEKS, Michael (Suse).

LibreOffice and GNOME...

11:45. GOSTANIAN, Raffi (Open Invention Network). Defensive Publications - Ensuring Freedom Of Use In The Open Source Community.

11:45. LOTFY, Seif (Collabora), DAY, Allan (Red Hat).

Tricking a developer into becoming a designer...

12:30. Auditorium. Keynote:

"The History of GNOME"

 Federico Mena, David Mason & Jonathan Blandford


15:30. Auditorium. GNOME Intern's Lightning Talks.

17:30. Auditorium. GUADEC 2012 Closing Session and Group Photo.


We hope you have a good GUADEC day!

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