GUADEC 2012, A Coruña,Spain. 26th July - 1st August

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Interview with John "J5" Palmieri, GNOME developer and cook

John PalmieriEverybody in GNOME knows John Palmieri as J5. He is one of the authors of D-Bus, the Sugar OS for OLPC and PyGObject Introspection "These days I have shifted focus from working on the desktop to working on web applications with Red Hat's Openshift Platform as a Service (PaaS) project".

Tomorrow, J5 will talk in GUADEC about making it easy for GNOME developers to hack on GNOME web applications using OpenShift: "I will show how easy it is to port GNOME's extension website so a developer can hack on it under OpenShift and also show off Glitter Gallery, a design tool that is being developed to make it easy for GNOME designers to collaborate over the web".

In this sense, he says that he expects from GUADEC 2012 "to be awesome as always. I hope to instil in the community the importance of moving to meet the Web head on and show how developing GNOME software that interacts with the web can be both compelling and fun".

In his private life, Palmieri loves cooking, so we hope he enjoys galician cuisine :)

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