GUADEC 2012, A Coruña,Spain. 26th July - 1st August

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Joaquim Rocha: "the most amazing thing in Coruña are tapas places and bars"

Joaquim RochaJoaquim Rocha is Software developer from Portugal and the creator of several Free Software projects. He moved to Coruña, 3.5 years ago, to work for Igalia "on very cool things". He had attended all GUADECs since 2009 and he thinks this one will be another very interesting conference with great talks to attend and great hackers to talk to "Coruña is a nice city and I hope GUADEC's attendants from outside will enjoy it".

In GUADEC 2012, he is giving two presentations: "one is about OCRFeeder, an easy to use OCR application for GNOME. The other is about Skeltrack, a human skeleton tracking library developed with GNOME technologies, to be used with depth cameras such as the Kinect".

Of course, Joaquim loves playing videogames, but when he is not wiht his PS3, he watches movies, reads and learns natural languages. He and also likes to hang out with his friends "and help the local economy by going to Coruña's amazing tapas places and bars".

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