GUADEC 2012, A Coruña,Spain. 26th July - 1st August

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Galician Government congratulates the gnome community for its 15th anniversary

Welcome act (thursday 26th)Adrian Lence, director of the Infrastructure and Telecommunications Amtega participated yesterday at the opening of GUADEC 2012, and encouraged the GNOME community "to continue their free software project". Adrian Lence, congratulated the GNOME community for the effort being done in the past 15 years "to which the society has available a desk completely free, friendly and easy to use."

The regional government is using this free software solution in two of the more fundamental technology initiatives, the Education Project "Abalar" and Network CEMIT classrooms Guadec Conference 2012 is the most important annual event for the development of free software project that began fifteen years ago.

For the head of the AMTEGA, GNOME "is a superb example of the virtues of free software".

Actually, the regional government is using GNOME in the Abalar Project, which in September will reach 44,000 students, and also in the CEMIT Network, the galician Network for the Modernization and Inclusion Technology, which has over 14,000 users.

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