GUADEC 2012, A Coruña,Spain. 26th July - 1st August

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What's GUADEC today?

Friday 27 July 2012

Today we have all morning with "Contributions" and, in the afternoon, "Lightning Talks" and "contributions" again.
At 12:30 p.m., in Auditorium (ground floor), Adam Dingle & Jim Nelson (Yorba) are talking about "Crowdfunding GNOME Application Development". Don't miss them!

10.00 Contributions



Room 3.0

Room 3.2


MCCANN, William Jon (Red Hat); STEINER, Jakub (Red Hat); DAY, Allan (Red Hat).

Beyond Dead Reckoning.


ROCHA, Joaquim (Igalia). OCRFeeder - OCR made easy on GNOME.

FERGEAU, Christophe; LUREAU, Marc-André (Red Hat). MinGW-w64 - Windows application build made easy.


POETTERING, Lennart (Red Hat).

The UI and the OS.

10:45. SUAREZ ROMERO, Juan A. (Igalia).

Grilo: present and future.

SIEGEL, Daniel G (Gnome).

The gnome bazaar - how gnome gets built and how we can improve.




CECCHI, Cosimo (Red Hat).

Documents - one year after.

ALI, Zeeshan (Red Hat). Boxes: a box for everyone!

JARDÓN, Javier; POHLMANN, Jannis (Codethink).

Baserock - A Viable Solution to Build GNOME OS.

 12:30. Auditorium. Keynote:

"Crowdfunding GNOME Application Development"

 by Adam DINGLE & Jim NELSON

 Adam Dingle founded Yorba in 2009 and serves as its Executive Director. Before that, he worked as a software engineer at Google. He also lived in Prague for several years, where he taught computer science at Charles University. .

Jim Nelson has worked at Yorba since January 2009 and is Yorba's most senior engineer. At Yorba he's led the development of Shotwell, a photo manager and non-destructive editor, and Geary, a new email client, both for the GNOME desktop. Before Yorba he worked in the software industry since 1988 on a variety of operating systems and applications.

15.30 Auditorium. Lightning Talks

17:00. Coffee Break

17:30. Contributions



Room 3.0

Room 3.2


BRADFORD, Rob (Intel).

Wayland for application authors.

LAMB, Jonny (Collabora). Telepathy 1.0.

WALTERS, Colin (Red Hat).

Don't regress: How GNOME should evolve in the FOSS ecosystem. 18:15.


BRAGG, Robert (Intel); ROBERTS, Neil (Intel). Gnome Shell as a Wayland compositor.

WITHNALL, Philip (Student). Folks of the future: more contacts everywhere.

LJUNGMARK, D. Spindel (Aanstoot AB).

Testing Gnome - A Software testers approach.

 We hope you have a good GUADEC day!

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