GUADEC 2012, A Coruña,Spain. 26th July - 1st August

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5 minutes with Simon Schampijer

Simon Schampijer Simon (erikos) Schampijer is a German programmer that has been getting interested in programming with musical applications. I have been dragged into developing a learning platform for the last 6 years that has been deployed with the XO from "One Laptop Per Child". He also loves to do music and sports: "I am looking forward to the football game on Saturday night at GUADEC". 

This morning he had a talk titled "Sugar: using the GNOME platform to build a learning platform". In his intervention he talk about how Sugar is using the GNOME platform to build a learning platform. Sugar, he said, “is a learning environment designed for children” - it is a graphical user interface, that provides tools for learning like a web-browser, a text editor and tools for  expression.

Sugar is developed using the GNOME platform, the libraries that are used in the GNOME desktop like GTK+, Metacity or Evince. "I will especially highlight recent transition from GTK+ 2 to GTK+ 3 and from using static Python bindings to using the dynamic bindings using gobject-introspection".

We asked Simon what do he expects from GUADEC 2012 and he told that "one part of GUADEC is putting faces to names and deepening the relations to the other contributors". Also GUADEC it is a great time to work on specific items that are hard to coordinate otherwise, doing some planning and strategic discussions. he is looking forward to the PyGObject and the A11y hackfest in particular and doing some hacking on the Sugar port to GTK+ 3 with my colleagues who attend as well.

Thanks Simon and good luck at saturday's football match!

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