GUADEC 2012, A Coruña,Spain. 26th July - 1st August

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Interview with Mario Sanchez Prada

marioMario Sánchez Prada is a Computer Engineer working at Igalia and also a member of the GNOME Foundation. He is mainly interested in "Open Source and Free Software in general, GNU/Linux and the GNOME platform in particular".

This afternoon he has a talk in the GUADEC Auditorum named "WebKitGTK+: current status and roadmap". Basically, he will try to give and overview of the current status and short/mid term plans in the development of the WebKitGTK+ library since the last year, which has pretty much been focused around WebKit2 and where Igalia has been working on for quite some time already. Other than that, he says "I'll also try to show some cool demos in order not to get people bored and leaving the room ahead of time. No promises, though.

Mario is quite happy to have GUADEC happening in A Coruña this year "since I live here and that will make even easier for me to attend this great conference". Actually, he expects from GUADEC 2012 "it to be a great event as usual, full of interesting events and talks, and full of great people I can't wait to meet, since I can only see them in rare occasions, at conferences, mainly".

Thanks Mario for your time!

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