GUADEC 2012, A Coruña,Spain. 26th July - 1st August

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Social Program at GUADEC 2012

We are pleased to announce the GUADEC 2012 Social Program which includes Pre-registration Event, Welcome Cocktail, A Coruña GNOME Olympic Games, Volunteer and Hobbyist Event, and Networking Cocktail for Professionals.

All of them, which take place throughout the week in different locations in A Coruña, will provide opportunities for attendees to get together informally while enjoying foods and drinks provided by our sponsorsRed Hat, Igalia, Codethink, Open Invention Network, Xunta de Galicia and the organizers Gpul and Ghandalf.


Wednesday 25th of July: Pre-registration Event in Rialta* (from 21:00 p.m to 01 a.m). Those who arrive today are welcome to join thepre-registration event at Rialta (the accommodation recommended by organizers). There, you can get your GUADEC badge and enjoy our event. Codethink and Open Invention Network are sponsoring food and drinks. Moreover, a magical Galician ceremony will take place at midnight! We expect to see you today at the pre-registration event!

* In order to get to Rialta, you can either use a taxi from the airport, Rialta bus or public bus Line 24 (consult timetable in this link). More information here.

Thursday 26th of July: Welcome Cocktail at Aquarium "casa de los Peces" (from 21.30 p.m. to 23.00 p.m.). Welcome cocktail takes place on the Aquarium Finisterrae "casa de los peces". It's one of the most interesting science museum in Galicia, located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, next to the roman lighthouse Torre de Hércules (World Heritage). Once there, in the restaurant “cantina de Ultramar”, you’ll be provided galician food and wine. The Welcome Cocktail is sponsored by Red Hat, Xunta de Galicia, Gpul and Ghandalf.

We recommend you to come walking along the Beach Promenade or take bus lines: 3, 3A, 11. If you are staying in Rialta, you can use Rialta's bus service. More information about location.

Saturday Afternoon 28th of July: A Coruña GNOME Olympic Games. (from 18.00 p.m. to 20.00 p.m.). They will take place just across the street of the venue (literally, 50 meters from it). Luckily this year's venue has additional sports facilities like volleyball and basketball fields. Playing in this Cup is not easy, the soccer ball has the tendency to roll away from players and jogging has proven a challenge for some hackers. You can join the challenge yet here. Everyone is invited! Either to play or watch, or cheer.

Saturday evening 28th of July: (from 22.00 p.m. to 00.00 p.m.). Volunteer and Hobbyist Event. Spanish wine and “tapas” at Rectorado-Cafetería, in Maestranza Garden.  

Saturday evening 28th of July: (from 22.00 p.m. to 00.00 p.m.) Networking Cocktail for Professionals at “Augamar” Restaurant. GNOME Foundation would like to thank the professionals attendees inviting them to the networking event. Augamar Located in the Marina Coruña sport harbour, near the castle of Saint Antón, in the historical quarter of the city.

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