GUADEC 2012, A Coruña,Spain. 26th July - 1st August

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What's GUADEC today?

 Thursday 26 th program

10:00. GUADEC 2012's opppening session in the Auditorium (ground floor) of the Faculty of Computer Science of A Coruña.

The opening speakers include: Adrián Lence Paz, Director of the Department of Infrastructure and Telecommunications Agency for Technological Modernization of Galicia (AMTEGA) of Regional Goverment of Xunta de Galicia; Alberto Valderruten Vidal, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science; Francisco J. Tsao, Presidente de GPUL- Grupo de Programadores y Usuarios de Linux; José María Casanova Crespo, General Coordinator of GUADEC 2012 and Karen Sandler, Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation.


10:30. Auditorium. Keynote: "The Tor Project: Anonymity online" by Jacob APPELBAUM. Appelbaum is a network security and privacy expert and a member of the Wikileaks and TOR projects, who will talk about privacy and anonymity on the Internet.

11:30. Coffee Break (sponsored by Igalia). GUADEC 2012 provide a solidarity-based coffee break with Fair-Trade products.

12:00. Contributions




Room 3.0

Room 3.2


SÁNCHEZ PENAS, Juan José (Igalia) & LOPEZ, Xan (Igalia).

A bright future for GNOME.

SCHAMPIJER, Simon (One Laptop Per Child).

Sugar: using the GNOME platform to build a learning platform.

UGARTE, Juan Pablo (GNOME Foundation). Glade: Improving programming practices.



NOCERA, Bastien (Red Hat).

10 years of innovation (by making others innovate).

No Session.

RAY, Debarshi (Red Hat).

GNOME Online Accounts: for users and hackers.





SANCHEZ PRADA, Mario (Igalia). WebKitGTK+: current status and roadmap.

VERDEJO, Reynaldo H. (Collabora); RAGHAVAN, Arun (Collabora); SOLIVEREZ, Alvaro (Collabora).

D-Bus, PulseAudio, GStreamer and Telepathy In the Palm of your Hand.

No Session.


LOPEZ, Xan (Igalia). Web to the core.

MENA QUINTERO, Federico (Suse). Desktop systems based on Gnome technologies.

WITHNALL, Philip (student).

Bendy Bus: fuzzily impersonating D-Bus services.




DAY, Allan (Red Hat). Every Detail Matters.

LOTFY, Seif, (Collabora).

Getting your Zeitgeist on: adding more value to the GNOME technlogies.

JASPER ST. PIERRE, Jasper (Red Hat). Practical GNOME Shell Extensions.


Evening Social Program

Casa de los Peces Terrace21:30. Welcome cocktail.

Location: Aquarium "casa de los Peces"

Time: 21:30 - 23:00 H.

Welcome cocktail takes place on the Aquarium Finisterrae "casa de los peces". It's one of the most interesting science museum in Galicia, located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, next to the roman lighthouse Torre de Hércules (World Heritage). Once there, in the restaurant “cantina de Ultramar”, you’ll be provided galician food and wine.

The Welcome Cocktail is supported by Red Hat, Xunta de Galicia, Gpul and Ghandalf.

We recommend you to come walking along the Beach Promenade or take bus lines: 3, 3A, 11. If you are staying in Rialta, you can use Rialta's bus service.More information about location.

We hope you have a good GUADEC day!

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