GUADEC 2012, A Coruña,Spain. 26th July - 1st August

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How to Arrive

Here you will find web pages with information about how to arrive to A Coruña:

Main Galician airports and routes up to date:


Faculty of Computer Science (FIC)

GUADEC 2012 will be helded at the facilities of the Faculty of Computer Science (FIC) in the Elviña Campus of the Universidade da Coruña. How to arrive

FIC front (Source: David Cabrero)

Here, the free software culture has an important presence that always has been institutionally supported in each event celebrated.

FIC general (Source: David Cabrero)

The FIC has recently celebrated 25 years of existence.

Hall with electric tables (Source: David Cabrero)

It has a spacious hall with electric tables that also can be used as hacking zone.

Auditorium (Source: David Cabrero)

The building provides a great auditorium for full sessions and different sizes classrooms that can be used for speeches and BOFs.

Classroom (Source: David Cabrero)
Videoconference room (Source: David Cabrero)
Videoconference room

A Coruña, a balcony overlooking the Atlantic

The venue of GUADEC 2012 is A Coruña which lies at the extreme Northwest of Spain and forms part of the autonomous community of Galicia. A Coruña, known as a balcony into the Atlantic, is a seaside city where you can enjoy many pleasant places from the Tower of Hercules, the two thousand year old lighthouse, to the charm of its squares and Romanesque and Baroque churches of the Old City. Near the city, the RiasAltas, the Costa da Morte, and a little bit further away, Santiago de Compostela, make the city of A Coruña an ideal base for hiking in a beautiful natural area.


Orzan Bay (Source: Neksus on Wikipedia, GFDL v1.2)

Orzan Bay

From the calm seafront to cosmopolitan streets full of life, lit up by the sun or by signs. From voices shouting at the fish market to walks through the Old City, around the
promenade or on the fine white sand of the city's beaches. Places to relax, natural areas to enjoy the view and the spectacular landscape. Art and museums, restaurants, taverns, pubs and bars to discos, the casino and classical music concerts.


Hercules' Tower (Source: Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez on Wikipedia, CC-AT-SA 3.0)
Hercules' Tower

 Lying in the north west of the Iberian Peninsula, A Coruña, a window onto the Atlantic is a an ancient city, Atlantic and cosmopolitan, where the ocean has played a major role over the two thousand years of its history. The most emblematic symbol is the Tower of Hercules (World Heritage).

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