GUADEC 2012, A Coruña,Spain. 26th July - 1st August

GUADEC 2012 Closing Video

Summary of the GUADEC 2012 shown during the closing of the core days.

Music by 'The League' The Soundtrack Of Our Summer

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GUADEC Group Photo. Thanks for Coming!

We see you in the next GUADEC!!!

Federico Mena, Hacker and "Carpenter"

Federico MenaFederico Mena is one of the founders of Gnome. He lives in Xalapa (Mexico), a coffee-growing region with a colorful local culture, where he likes "doing traditional woodworking with hand tools and grows little vegetable garden". 

In GUADEC 2012 he taugh, with Jonathan Blandford and Dave Mason, the fourth keynote of the 13th GUADEC. Furthermore, he had two talks in GUADEC Core, dealing about "Desktop systems based on Gnome technologies" and "Gnome and The Systems of Free Infrastructure".

He explained us that "many of us live in various systems simultaneously, the mainstream/capitalist/ commercial system, the free software ecosystem and various "activist" systems. Actually, I talked about a way of thinking about play pokies online these systems in general, and how Gnome could tie several systems together to focus on things which are made by people for themselves".
What he likes most about GUADECs is talking to interesting people and seeing old friends: "Especially talking to the people who are doing things similar to what I'm speaking in mytalk.  Also, enjoying Galician cuisine!".

The story of Belén Barros & Michael Wood in GUADEC 2012

Michael WoodMichael Wood  has been a long time lurker in the GNOME community, since about 2005. He works at Intel's Open Source Technology center in London. In his free time, he likes cycling touring, playing piano and guitar and running Quaker youth events.

3 minutes with Christophe Fergeau

Christophe FergeauChristophe Fergeau* has been a free software developer for more than 10 years. He lives in Paris, works for Red Hat and plays the clarinet in a brass band.

In GUADEC 2012, Christophe had a talk about "building Windows programs from a Linux system".

Also, he spends these days in Coruña meeting lots of people "some of which I only know from email or IRC".

* Photo taken by Frédéric Crozat.

Juan Suarez Romero "I'am trying to learn myself to play piano”

JUAN SUAREZ ROMEROJuan Suarez Romero defines himself as "a proudly Igalian that likes programming and developing, but mostly, work with others, contributing and helping to develop great software that solves problems and make our life more easy".

In few words, he's a GNOME developer and user that, in GUADEC 2012, had a talk about “Grilo”, a framework that helps to get content from different places, like Youtube, Jamendo, Vimeo, Flickr, and many others places.

 Furthermore, he likes attending GUADECs because this Conference "it's an opportunity to meeting with hackers and contribute to make GNOME a software that people fall in love with when they use it".

When he is not developing GNOME, he likes biking playing video-games or watch TV series “specially if they are sci-fi”. Lately, in his spare time, he changes the keyboard by piano keys because “I'am trying to learn myself to play piano”.

Good luck Juan! We hope to see your new piano by playing something to us in GUADEC 2013!

Jumping with Colin Walters

Colin Walters is a Geocacher and Free Software hacker working on GNOME, employed by Red Hat. In his spare time, he likes travelling, biking and jumping, as you can see in his PHOTO!

He is attending GUADEC 2012 in order to "improve GNOME, meet new GNOME hackers, and see reconnect with the ones I already know!" In deed, last friday he talked about how GNOME should evolve in the Foss ecosystem: He explained us that:

"GNOME is a highly visible and popular component of the broader Free and Open Source Software ecosystem. But with this comes some responsibility". "We will first look at *why* should refocus the GNOME project goals around avoiding regressions. Second, we'll discuss some software I've been working on which will significantly change the way we develop and deploy GNOME for this (and other) reasons.

Sam Thursfield, hacker and amateur grower

Sam ThursfieldSam Thursfield lives in Manchester. He likes free software, friendly UI, ska music and bike riding. He's been a Gnome user since around 2.8 and we can say he is a "Multi-task man". At the same he works with Codethink he grows vegetables (few days before GUADEC he'd made his first attempt) and plays trombone. 

In GUADEC 2012 Sam talked about "Baserock - a viable solution to build GNOME OS", which is a new way of building systems that some guys from Codethink have been working on this year: "Myself and Javier have been spending time getting Gnome integrated to the system, and we'll be talking about that as well and showing how far we got".

From GUADEC 2012 he expects to go back home with lots of great ideas that he really wants to fix or implement in his minimal free time. Thanks Sam for your time. We hope that when you get home, your veggies have grown!

GNOME Hispano gives their annual awards to Federico Mena and GPUL

federico menaGnome Hispano's annual prizes goes to...

Federico Mena and GPUL

GNOME Hispano gives their annual awards to GPUL in order to recognize their hard work organizing tree GUADEC-ES and hosting GUADEC 2012.


At the same time, Gnome Hispagnome hispano prizesno gives (in person) their 2009 award to Federico Mena, who could pick up his award this year, in A Coruña.

GNOME Hispano are celebrating, today 30th and tomorrow 31st of July, their annual meeting GUADEC-ES in A Coruña, cohosted in GUADEC.

Daniel G. Siegel "I am trying to take over the World"

daniel siegelDaniel G. Siegel is a "shoe size 44 1/2 men" who loves talking to people, taking photos and diving. The rest of the time he plays the guitar, eats ice cream "and tryes to take over the world".

In GUADEC 2012 he talked about the GNOME bazaar. Indeed, Daniel gave an introduction into typical development processes and workflows of free and open source software projects and showed ways how we can improve our current workflows.

Anyway, he also had time enought to "meet awesome people, have a lot of fun and hear interesting talks".

Thanks Daniel!  We are looking forward to seeing the fruits of your conquering plan:)


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